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If you want to win in the 21st century, you have to empower others, making sure other people are better than you are. Then you will be successful.

If you are a wolf chasing rabbits, focus on one rabbit. Change yourself to catch the rabbit, but don’t change rabbits.

-( Jack Ma )-

Why Choose Us ?

Studio Sudiro is committed to helping its clients reach their goals, personalising their system experiences, providing an innovative application, and making a difference.

Our strong sense of identification with client projects means that we are constantly striving to provide solutions, even for issues they aren’t yet aware of. To this end, we adopt a progressive approach to technology and analysis techniques.

This sense of identification also means we value and promote seamless interaction with clients’ own teams, and ensure the best value is obtained from their company budget.  

Respect of the client needs, culture and identity.

We listen and pay great attention to what client wants from a system. From business flow, placing company logo, choosing colors that represent company's identity. All of them are arranged nicely for the satisfaction of our clients.


We have good experience in building and developing applications for more than 5 years. We know well how to deal with problems and obstacles in building a good system.

Studio Sudiro

Creative and Innovative Solutions

We always develop our knowledge with the latest technology in application development. In terms of frameworks, new programming languages and even software development tools.

True Partners

We fight to make sure that our application runs properly and there is no more word "Hey, We found a bug". So that your business is guaranteed to run well.

Goal, Vision and Mission

Studio Sudiro, is Information Technology service provider that focuses on delivering IT needs for small business.

To be the most trusted IT advisor and key partner to our clients that recognized by our clients for delivering excellence.

Our mission is to help small business with their IT needs, while enabling them to better focus on their core strengths and services.

What We Did ?

We have 3 main businesses including "Application Development,  System Maintenance and Social Media Massive Campaign". Hover image below for inormation.

Studio Sudiro

Application Development

We are ready to build applications from scratch that can meet your business needs. With the latest and multi-platform technology framework, we are ready to build your web and mobile application needs.

Studio Sudiro

System Maintenance

When your company has a system that is already running well and requires maintenance or upgrading, we are ready to help make it happen. We have the ability to read various programming languages and develop them.

Studio Sudiro

Social Media
Massive Campaign

We have a social media tool called "Socialite". This tool able to facilitate you in sending massive advertisements / messages to your customers through instagram direct message as easily as turning your palm.

Our Clients

Here are our beloved client who has developed their business with us :

Contact Us

+62 838-9858-8130

Jl. Inpres I, Nerogtog, Kec. Pinang, Kota Tangerang, Banten 15145.


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